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Smell Good, Feel Good

Self Care is a Priority and Necessity.

-Not a Luxury-


About SoSoftScrubz

A plan that had been long overdue was finally implemented and started in 2021. Established by Savanah Magwood, our CEO was someone who struggled with dry-skin all throughout the year, especially in the Winter. SoSoftScrubz was first used for personal use but seeing how Smooth, moisturized her skin became, she began to venture off and sell her products. All products are Handmade using Organic and Natural ingredients guaranteed to revive your skin!

About our Products

Customer Testimonials

"OMG my body feel like baby butter tbh! My mom wants me to buy her two of the scrubs"

Shayla, NY

"I Loveeeee the Scrub!! I'm not even really a scrub user but this, I like!! It smells really good & has a lot of moisture"


"I feel the softness in my skin while I'm still in the water and when I get out the tub/shower"

@Blossomegycandles, NC